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Ozarks Jim says, "Do it for the week"

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Last updated: Sunday May 6, 2018

Litttle Shop of Carnivores

Debuting at Anthrocon in July! The 2016 "Kevin & Kell" collection!

NEW Safe Havens book, Dodos!

The 2014 "Safe Havens" collection is here! If you haven't gotten enough of the dodos (and Samantha certainly has!) here's a year in which their presence was especially annoying. How high is *your* tolerance for hopelessly toxic individuals?

NEW Fastrack book, Invasion of the Goth!

New Fastrack collection, featuring the complete year of 2014. See Fi agree to take in Dethany during a home repair. Buy it here.

Dethany's Mailbox

This month Dethany's video addresses some myths about Goths, and her nocturnal scheduling habits.

NEW Kevin & Kell book!

The complete year of 2015 is now available! Watch Rudy and his friends graduate from high school in "Paper Trained." Buy it here.

New Hare Link site!

Please check out Hare Link's new site, featuring an introductory video from Toco the Toucan! Remember, choosing Hare Link for your webhosting directly supports the strip.

Fastrack and Safe Havens books

9 to 5 Goth, the collection of "Fastrack" strips from 2013 is now available here. For "Safe Havens," find out what happened to Samantha and Dave when they switched bodies on their wedding day.  You can purchase "The Wedding Switch" here.


Just as a reminder, "Dethany in Virtu/Noir," is an interactive novella featuring Dethany of "On the Fastrack" as she adopts a 1940s private eye persona to solve a crime in cyberspace. She finds herself in the middle of a gang war between two groups; one promoting online transparency and the other heightened data security. A crisis erupts when people begin to have their identities drained (literally).

Along with John Lotshaw and my wife Teri Holbrook, we've created a unique blend of words and images, available for the iPad. Readers will be able to make choices determining the direction of the plot, and we estimate that it offers roughly two hours of crime-solving fun. It's yours for $2.99. Learn more about it by visiting its website here.

Vintage Kevin & Kell

Classic "Kevin & Kell" strips are now featured on King Features's Comic Kingdom site. Go here, and pick up the action from today's date back in 2009.

Accidental Centaurs

On the Fastrack

Safe Havens

Hare Link

Lindesfarne's Virtual Quill

Rudy's Facebook

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